Thursday, March 31, 2011

Th-Th-That's All F-F-F-Folks!

After 15 years as a greeting card artist for Hallmark Cards, I will soon be leaving to pursue a career as a fine artist. I haven't posted lately because I've been too busy to paint. But I have been going through files and came upon some pieces that some might find interesting. Over the years it's been my pleasure to subject some national treasures to serious mischief. We'll start chronologically:

With apologies to DaVinci, this was created 100 percent digitally using Photoshop. One of DaVinci's goals on this painting was to show no brushstrokes which made digital the way to go.

I painted it in acrylics using Boticelli's "grisaille" technique of a monochrome underpainting and then adding thin glazes of color. This attempt at a love interest for Bugs appeared in one movie and my painting. Marketing genuises. Next up, one of my beloved impressionists.

This was painted with acrylics on canvas. In the spirit of Van Gogh, I tried to lay it on thick. By the way Marvin's not angry, he's just very hurt.

This one did the best as a card. It's been on the shelves in various forms for over 13 years and was also painted in acrylics. The role that Tweety was born to play.