Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Winter Still Life Retreat

 After a couple of months painting alone in the studio, I gladly accepted John Lasater's invitation to join him and Jason Sacran for still life painting in his studio near Siloam Springs, Arkansas. They are both outstanding artists and I was hoping I could bring some encouragement or advice to the table also.

John liked to set up complex scenes and then crop in on them.

John's most ambitious painting still in progress. The photo does not do it justice.

Jason's first piece. His work defies labelling as either traditional or contemporary.

Jason finishing up his second painting, a daring composition.

For my first piece, I chose a traditional setup with complimentary colors.

My second painting, "No Cream, No Sugar" 9 x 12, oils.

To see more of John's work:
To see more of Jason's work:

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