Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Man in the Moon

  The recent display of Jupiter, Venus and the Moon so close together had me out on the deck every clear night. During the full moon I once again saw the face I had seen since childhood. I've never been able to get anyone else to see it. Maybe they are expecting a simpler face or more likely a happier one. The one I see has big sad eyes, a turned up aristocratic nose and an open mouth. He stares down knowing but resigned.
   Being a bit nearsighted, a condition not treated until high school, the moon I saw was slightly out of focus. A blurry image for my subconscious mind to sharpen. I can't even find the face in good photos or looking through a telescope. Recently I did an image search to see how others interpreted The Man. None were like mine, in fact none of them worked for me at all. At some point I thought maybe doing a drawing would help point him out for others. So here he is, my Man in the Moon. Perhaps you have already met him.

Out of focus moon and the man that I saw

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