Monday, April 16, 2012

A Southwest Palette


In the Dragoon Mountains, 6 x 12, oils
Landscape artist Phil Starke tipped me off to this scenic spot, a rest stop on Interstate 10 about 12 miles east of Benson, Arizona. There were bathrooms and picnic tables right behind me but the view to the south was unobstructed nature. I wished I had time to paint there but I'd already done one plein air piece that morning and had another 10 hours to drive that day and would have to settle for photos. I had to make mental notes of the colors I was seeing, knowing that the camera would lose a lot. Here's the photo that I used as my main reference.

In the studio, I chose a 1:2 ratio panorama format. Security fence? Gone. I shifted the summit (Mt Glenn) to the left to balance the rock pile just right of center. After that it was just trying to get those juicy colors I remembered.

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