Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Big Cedar Paint Out 2012


Sunlight Portal, 10 x 12, oils.
   It was late October and I was in shorts and a t-shirt with the AC on. An unseasonable 82˚F as I drove through the Missouri Ozarks on my way to Big Cedar Paint Out, the perfect exclamation mark for the end of the plein air season. (Eight events in five states over a period of seven months, I probably overdid it this year.) During the three days at Big Cedar Lodge, we were hit with a wet cold front that brought temps down to 26˚F before all was said and done. It sent some artists indoors to warm fireplaces but many of us stuck with it.
   I ended up with five paintings, entering two in the nocturne and quickpaint competitions and two more for final judging. The painting pictured above was executed during two mornings in Dogwood Canyon. When I came upon the scene, the glow under the bridge was intense but only lasted a few minutes. As I continued it became overcast and I had to abandon the sunlit areas but could still work on the shadows. The second morning was cloudy and 40 degrees colder. Eventually the sun came out and I could proceed with the sparkling creek and glow under the bridge, painting for a few minutes at a time before having to warm my hands in my pockets.
   The painting took Third Place Best of Show in competition and was purchased by Big Cedar owner Jeanie Morris. I also sold another painting from Dogwood Canyon but was unable to photograph it before the sale.

Accepting Third Place Best of Show with judge John Budicin.

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