Monday, November 5, 2012

Six Inches by Six Inches


Windows Made of Sky, 6" x 6",  oils
   I had so much fun painting for last years Randy Higbee Six Squared show last year that I got a head start on it this time. I spent six weeks in Rocky Mountain National Park in the last year and all four paintings are based on that experience. The first is from near an old logging road in the foothills. What attracted me to the scene was the sense of air between the trees and the ridge across the valley. Pallette knife was used extensively to really lay some paint down. I kept thinking of Monet's poplar series while working on it and even looked them up for pointers on getting the value and color temperature of the trunks right.

Storm Over Chapin Pass, 6" x 6", oils
   The second piece was supposed to be a plein air painting at Horseshoe Park but as soon as I got set up and ready to paint the storm hit. Then I was breaking it down and racing to the car as fast as I could. I did manage to snap a couple of pictures though. On this one I wanted to tell the story with colorful grays of similar value.

Reflections, 6" x 6", oils
   The third painting is from the trail to Mill's Lake but it could be so many places. The highest contrast and brightest color would place the center of interest where the water flows past the footbridge. But it's not what excited me about the scene. For me the "holy grail" was the reflection of the sky on the water in the foreground. I've seen a few painters capture this and I wanted to try it for myself.
   For my fourth submission I revisited that '55 Chevy from Estes Park. Update: Three of the four were accepted in the show. Only "Reflections" missed the cut.

'55 Chevy, 6" x 6", oils

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